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Task 53

Interoperability of Bidirectional Charging (INBID)


This task intends to act and help to test the conformance of the upcoming ISO15118-2X amendments referring to bidirectional charging.

In addition, it gives small countries and members, which don’t own labs or do not have a large automotive industry, the opportunity to participate in the development of interoperable bidirectional charging common and to coordinate their activities in an international framework.

Although practically all vehicle manufacturers are interested in bidirectional charging, there are decisive regional technical differences: most EU manufacturers rely on DC charging stations – primarily because of the 3-phase network and the corresponding grid codes – and Japanese manufacturers are too (for historical CHAdeMO reasons).

US manufacturers, on the other hand, are focusing on single-phase on-board bidirectional chargers because this is how their domestic grids are designed. The path of the Chinese manufacturers is still open although by 2025, China’s technical standard system for vehicle2grid interaction shall be defined too.

As a result, every global manufacturer must eventually develop all these region-specific solutions. This means that we have to deal with both AC and DC bidirectionality in the task, including the related Grid Codes aspects. But it also means that an interoperable software connecting electric vehicles, bidirectional charging infrastructure and grid-operators based on commonly implemented ISO15-118-2x would be beneficial to all parties. 


To achieve genuine interoperability of bidirectional charging in practice by performing physical tests in specialised labs on order to understand status-quo and ISO5118-20 standard implementation as per today; analysis and synthesis of common shared interests; guaranteeing interoperability for grid services; and knowledge transfer of the resulting solutions for the adoption into industry standards and legal frameworks.

Of course this activity will be performed in close cooperation with existing actors (projects, initiatives, etc) in this field. Also, we do not have the objective of developing new standards.

Task Secretariat
Regina Flury von Arx /