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Task 51

EV Battery Re-Use

The topic of EV Battery Re-Use was raised because of the increasing use of EVs around the world which will cause new problems including the resulting battery waste. The use of EVs in 2030 is predicted to increase significantly by 157,956 EV units. Of course, this increase must also be followed by increased utilization of the Re-Use EV Battery and EV Recycling Opportunity as an effort to overcome the impact of the waste generated.

The high utilization of re-use batteries must also be accompanied with strict management and control. Some of the issues that arise in utilising the re-use batteries include:

  • Establishment of a legal institutional framework for sustainable scrap systems and management for the used EVs.
  • There is little policy research to enable and support new approaches to business models for utilizing EV battery Re-use.
  • The necessity of related business and policy support to activate the businesses of utilizing used batteries on EV.

EV battery recycling and re-use activities have been carried out in various countries. China has set national standards for recycling waste batteries, across specification, registration, collection, packaging, transportation, and demolition. The European Union has enforced new battery regulation, and the USA has invested in battery recycling infrastructure and aiding electric vehicle and battery companies. Japan has also maximized battery as a storage for electrical energy, that can be reused as a lighting source at night or in emergency situations.

Re-use EV batteries go through several analysis and process stages to be used again. If the EV battery can be repaired, it will be marketed towards direct resale to EV manufacturers. If it cannot be repaired, then it must go through the process of repair, remanufacturing, and refurbishing until it is suitable for resale to EV manufacturers.

This task is expected to be material for discussion and knowledge-sharing experiences around intensive handling of re-use EV batteries.