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Task 45

Electrified Roadways (E-roads)

Objective of Task

To develop a greater global understanding and awareness of electrified roadways (E-Roads), as well as related technologies developed and deployment activities in the participating countries. This task includes a study of international standards (JARI, SAE, ISO/IEC), technical approaches, grid interactions, integration of the power grid into the road infrastructure, and identifying benefits/challenges related to E-Roads.

There are four Technologies of Interest (TOI)s which Task 45 will focus on:

  • Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT)
  • Non-road Conductive (Overhead)
  • Non-road conductive (Side)
  • In-road conductive

working method

The task will conduct bi-annual meetings which may include viewing locations of E-Roads research or deployment activities to gain first-hand knowledge of how this technology is progressing and to inform the HEV-TCP of new work. Based on information gathered from participating countries, specific areas may be identified as critical interest for further research. Task members will;

  • Develop an understanding of the challenges faced in various countries or markets by categorizing deployment approaches and requirements for E-Road technologies.
  • Conduct comparison of current technology development and address concerns for each of the TOIs.
  • Catalogue and compare standards (JARI, SAE, ISO/IEC) in areas such as power transfer, alignment or other vehicle controls, data security, and communications.
  • Summarize safety issues arising from vehicle to grid connections and road debris.
  • Understand the vehicle technology requirements and system resiliency plans for optimized E-Roads deployment at scale.
  • Catalogue potential grid impacts and understand grid requirements for at scale deployment of E-Road systems.