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Task 4

EV Infrastructure

Objective of Task

The introduction of EVs would require both a physical infrastructure, such as charging facilities, and a service infrastructure for the repair of vehicles, training of emergency personnel such as police and fire fighters, etc. The international compatibility of technical infrastructure would reduce costs for manufacturers and consumers. Governments, electric utilities, and the auto industry needed information about the compatibility, cost, and technical issues related to infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Task Force initially investigated the possibility of encouraging standard setting organizations to cooperate in setting internationally compatible infrastructure standards for EVs. It then studied specific infrastructure topics, such as barriers to infrastructure deployment and costs of infrastructure.

working method

Task 5 was active during Phase 1 of the HEV TCP and had concluded by 2000. The Task members worked with the organizational support of the Electrochemical Society (ECS) and held its meetings at the same time as ECS conferences. It organized two symposia on electric vehicle batteries and supercapacitors in conjunction with ECS, which published the proceedings. It also published two outlook reports that reported on the state of the art of different battery technologies, research priorities, and exploratory research being conducted in participating countries. 


The initial study on international compatibility of standard setting found that the different standard setting organizations in Asia, America, and Europe pursued independent paths. There were similar standards for each continent, but very different standards among the continents. It was also found that there was little the TCP could do to contribute to international compatibility of technical standards.

The studies on infrastructure topics yielded more positive results, and produced reports on EV chargers, infrastructure modelling, barriers to infrastructure development, and the cost of infrastructure.