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Task 37

Extreme Fast Charging

Objective of Task

Task 37 is focussed on the following objectives: investigating station siting – what factors are considered (i.e. space requirements, city centre, community/corridor, etc.); quantifying the costs of installation – including physical site location and infrastructure costs as well as costs associated with the charging equipment; documenting grid connection details for current and planned installations, including any co-located renewable generation or energy storage; understanding the implications of XFC on battery design, performance, and cost; documenting pay structures and/or consumer interfaces for payment; and studying consumer education methods and topics.

working method

Task 37 continues to finalise member countries and is currently reporting out XFC related activities and reports from the United States. The task plans to organise a series of workshops scheduled in conjunction with dedicated conferences and IEA-HEV Executive Committee (ExCo) meetings. The workshops will gather a variety of stakeholders coming from academia, industry, and public authorities. Workshops may also include site visits to XFC installations, providers, or manufacturers. The purpose is to identify trends and scenarios, to analyse challenges and opportunities, and to deliver conclusions for future actions.