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Task 29

Electrified, Connected and Automated Vehicles

Objective of Task

Task 29 focuses on the following objectives:

  • Analyse the potential technological synergies of electrification, connectivity and automation of road vehicles and derive research, development and standardisation needs.
  • Study the business models by combining electrification and connectivity/automation of road vehicles with concepts of sharing economy and identify action fields for companies and/or governments.
  • Assess the impact of user/driver behaviour on the combination of electrification, connectivity and automation and conclude on needs for measures in awareness and legislation.

The participants of Task 29 particularly aim to understand the impact that the topic has on innovation policy, i.e. roadmaps, funding programmes and regulations.

working method

Task 29 is organising a series of expert workshops scheduled in conjunction with dedicated conferences. The workshops gather a variety of stakeholders coming from academia, industry, and public authorities. The purpose is to identify trends and scenarios, to analyze challenges and opportunities, and to deliver conclusions for future actions. Moreover, the exchange of information about the impact on research funding policies and on regulatory actions shall be fostered. The actual activities are aligned to the interests of the Task participants, including the member state representatives, as well as the industries and R&D centers involved in the Task. The results of the Task 29 meetings will be presented in form of a report and a roadmap. It shall be made available as a book.