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Major Developments in 2022

As part of the investment plan "France 2030", a call for projects was launched in 2022 with the aim of accelerating the deployment of high-power charging stations. This call for projects is targeted to private companies as well as public actors, namely territorial communities. Public access to charging stations is required without any restrictions or discrimination, and interoperability must be guaranteed, using specialized platforms like Gireve. This call for projects will run until 2025 under the coordination of The French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME). The first selection wave, which closed in July 2022, resulted in seven projects for a total of 178 charging stations and 1,153 high-power charging points. All the stations will be constructed and open for service within 3 years.

New policies, legislation, incentives, funding, research, and taxation

A working group on the battery for mobility topic has been set up with the participation of the French geological survey (BRGM), French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), French Institute of Petroleum (IFPEN), and ADEME. One of the first challenges is to evaluate the "short-term" needs (by 2030) in active materials for French and European battery production plants, according to different EV and HEV development scenarios for light and heavy vehicles. The battery working group aims to establish multiple "possible futures" by comparing different mobility scenario options, battery chemistry evolution, battery evolution sensitivity to material costs, and integration of other parameters such as: stationary storage, power-to-grid, and development of mobility alternatives (e.g. hydrogen). The first deliverables of this work are expected in June 2023.


France will continue to support transport electrification through a suite of incentives targeting different transport modes.