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Major Developments in 2020

Strategies and Policies

Spain is developing a National Integrated Plan on Energy and the Climate for the period 2021-2030 to meet the minimum objectives of 23% GHG reductions – from 1990 level, 32% renewable energies introduction in primary energy and a 32.5% improvement on energy efficiency under EU law.

On May 19th 2020, the Council of Ministers sent the first draft of the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law (PLCCTE) to the Parliament, which has the aim for Spain to reach emission neutrality no later than 2050. The PLCCTE establishes that municipalities will introduce mitigation measures that allow the reduction of transport emissions. This includes the implementation of low-emission zones from no later than 2023; actions to facilitate travel on foot, by bicycle, or other active means of transport; and the improvement and promotion of the use of the public transport network.

Shared electric mobility and the use of private electric means of transport should also be promoted. The PLCCTE also makes the progressive installation of recharging points for electric vehicles in petrol service stations with the highest sales volume mandatory, which currently represent 10% of the network. The Technical Building Code (CTE) will articulate the obligation of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure for parking in new or refurbished buildings, with the following requirements:

  1. Pre-installation for 100% of the new parking spaces in residential buildings and 20% in commercial and other buildings.
  2. One charging point for every 40 parking spaces, with a minimum of 1 point (and one charging point for 20 parking spaces in General State Administration buildings).
  3. Existing non-residential car parks are obliged to adapt to the previous requirements before January 1, 2023.

The new Mobility Strategy and a Sustainable Mobility Law are currently in the process of integrating contributions from the public consultation. The final document is expected to be ready in the second or third quarter of 2021.

Incentives Programs to promote EVs

In February 2019, Plan MOVES was approved, a new direct incentives program funded with 45 Million EUR and aimed to support projects and initiatives in the following lines of action:

  1. Acquisition of alternative energy vehicles
  2. Infrastructure deployment for EV charging
  3. Public sharing e-bikes systems
  4. Activities in the frame of Transport Plans for workplaces and activity centres.

To give continuity to MOVES I, the MOVES II Program was approved by the Council of Ministers on June 16th 2020. Applications for incentives can be presented during a year, counted from the publication of the Regional Administrations calls, and can be applied to the 4 same lines of action than in MOVES I, with the addition of initiatives focused on adapting urban city centres to COVID-19 mobility scenery.


Spain has the objective of climate neutrality in the transport sector by 2050, with an intermediate objective of fully decarbonising the Spanish market of new cars and vans by 2040, according to the key target of a progressive decarbonising of the economy.

In this way, PNIEC establishes an objective to have 5 million electric vehicles (cars, vans, busses, and motorbikes) on road by 2030. A large number of these will be used in car-sharing platforms, which means around 16% of the current Spanish fleet will be in this category. This implies an accumulated energy savings of 3,524.2 kt for the period 2021-2030, representing a 25% share of the total energy savings expected for the transport sector (13.888 kt) in that period.

According to PNIEC, public incentives focused to promote electric vehicle acquisition amounts to 200 million EUR per year over the period 2021-2025, accounting for a total of 1,000 million EUR in the period. It is estimated that in 2025 a price parity will be reached for EVs compared to conventional vehicles, so from 2025 onwards, it will not be necessary to give any more public funding for EVs.