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Major Developments in 2020

The automotive industry always played an essential role in the Belgian economy. High-quality cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles are developed and/or produced in Belgium. The automotive sector has an annual turnover of about 16 billion € and counts more than 300 companies with more than 45,000 direct jobs.

The automotive and mobility industry in Belgium is in transition towards an industry of clean, connected and smart mobility. In recent years, two Belgian car manufacturing plants have made important investments for electric car manufacturing as well as battery pack assembly. But also in the automotive suppliers industry, there are successful companies and new start-ups. For future job creation, our industry must continue to make the right choices and has to remain very efficient and innovative. Within the automotive sector, it is not only about making and selling vehicles anymore. It is about offering a clean, comfortable, seamless and affordable mobility service to the end customer.

Electric mobility is playing an increasingly important role towards a zero-carbon society, especially when we combine it with the growth of renewable energy sources in our energy supply. The transport and energy sector will become more and more interlinked, and this creates new business opportunities for companies in this new e-mobility value chain (batteries, vehicles, charging infrastructure, digital mobility applications, ICT, smart mobility and energy services).


Belgium continues to support electrification of transport in the country with a suite of incentives to boost adoption.