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Major Developments in 2022

In Finland, the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) has continued, with more than 14,500 new EVs having been registered. This amount accounted for 18 percent of all new passenger cars, reflecting an increase of 43 percent from 2021—even though the number of new cars registered in Finland in 2022 fell by 17 percent compared to the year 2021. While sales of EVs rose, those for cars powered by petrol and diesel declined. So did the sale of plug-in hybrids, whose market share dipped to about 20 percent, barely outpacing fully-electric cars. By the end of 2022, plug-in cars (including hybrids and fully-electric) made up nearly half of all cars sold in Finland.


The Finnish government has decided on a roadmap to fossil-free transport, which includes the intermediate goal of halving CO2 emissions from transport by 2030 (compared to 2005 levels) with the ultimate goal of fossil-free transport by 2045. This roadmap includes the intermediate targets of reaching 700,000 passenger EVs and 45,000 light commercial EVs (of which at least 50% are fully electric), as well as 4,600 electric trucks and buses by 2030. A target has also been set for 2 million fully electric passenger vehicles by 2045.